Java: eclipse microprofile 4.1 gives clear guidelines for implementations

Java: Eclipse MicroProfile 4.1 gives clear specifications for implementations

Half a year after the last major version is now Eclipse MicroProfile 4.1 appeared. Technically, the specification designed for creating Microservices with Java only results in a few puddings at the Health API. Version 4.1, however, is the first release that defines the requirements for a compatible implementation.

Thus, the innovations are as published at the end of December version 4.0 mainly organizational nature. At that time, the newly rounded Microprofile Working Group had taken the rudder for the first time. She moved to the specification of an informal operation on the Eclipse Foundation Specification Process V1.2 (EFSP).

Clear specifications for the profile

Version 4.1 Defines which TCK Test Performance (Technology Compatibility Kit) has to successfully complete a platform for a compatible implementation of MicroProfile. To the eight APIs Config 2.0, Fault Tolerance 3.0, Health 3.1, JWT Authentication 1.2, Metrics 3.0, OpenAPI 2.0, Opentracing 2.0 and REST Client 2.0 are test runs mandatory.


France wants to use a tax on the rich to screw up pension reform

According to a report by the statistics authority, the state is pursuing an "unsustainable" Even heavily indebted France is caught up in the austerity debate

In the debate about countries that are supposedly or actually on the brink of bankruptcy, France usually goes completely unnoticed. The fact that the stock market in Paris is sometimes experiencing the same violent swings as those in Spain, Greece and Portugal is a sign of growing nervousness. In France, too, the budget deficit exploded to 7.5 percent in 2009. The government’s debt rose to 77.6 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) in 2009 and was even higher than that of Portugal, which is often wrongly lumped together with Greece.

While Portugal has already launched the second savings plan (The Portuguese Savings Plan), the savings frenzy in Paris is limited, they would much rather inflate away part of the debt. Now, however, the austerity debate is also gaining momentum in France. As in Spain, the focus is on pension reform, but this will do nothing to restore the EU’s stability limits by 2013. Experts called on Thursday for the "unsustainable" to abandon the policy of spending.


Angela merkel as the leader of the company

Angela Merkel as leader

Image: German Bundestag

What is the federal government allowed to do – and what is it not allowed to do??

Negotiations on a Jamaica coalition are – ahead of schedule? – has been canceled. New elections are an option. But the road is long and rocky. The Basic Law provides for a complicated process until new elections can be called. This has a constitutional consequence – and a political consequence.


Digital favor libra is now called diem

Digital Favor Libra is now called Diem

The digital detachment libra designed by Facebook gets a new name. The renaming in "Diem" ("Day" On Latin) should one "New day for the project" symbolize, the organization to manage the crypto maintenance announced on Tuesday. The world-growing social network had developed the digital money, but then control the organization based in Switzerland. The project presented in June 2019 was took on massive resistance of governments and regulators and is still not started.

"Growing maturity"

Signalize the new name "The growing maturity and independence of the project", Blared Diem CEO Stuart Levey loud press release. Currently there is still a license as a payment system by the Swiss Financial Supervision FINMA to see the consortium behind Diem. Without the wool you do not get on the market. At the specialist service Coinindesk Levey explained that one was technically ready to start.

Previously, there had been a report that a possible start of the digital money will take place in January. First of all, only one libra version should come out, which is bound to the US dollar.


Federal government has been aware of telegram as an extremist collision basin

The Federal Government has "Evasive movements" detected, according to which persons whose accounts were deleted on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, to change to telegram. The messenger service is used, for example, from the right-wing extremist scene, among other things, to crosslink, coordinate and exchange propagandistic content.

"Tendency to strong protection"

"Right-wing extremists use the most diverse types of platforms", Write the government in a now published answer to a request of the FDP parliamentary group. Be a one "Tendency to determine a stronger protection in the scene". In particular messenger services were used, which – like Telegram – a "End to end-ahead" tie up.

According to the Federfuhrende Federal Interior Ministry, such chat services can "to be used as an alternative medium, but the different uses of each service are to be considered". In the area of Islamist terrorism, there is no increase from accounts to Telegram, as the provider since the end of 2019 itself massively massively djihadistan canal and groups break.


Avm supplies fritzos 7.25 fur fritzbox 7580

AVM delivers Fritzos 7.25 for Fritzbox 7580

AVM sets the episis of his router operating system Fritzos 7.25 for his product range. The current Fritzos 7.25 is now also released for the model 7580. Previously, for this model was Maximum Fritzos 7.21 conservation.

The range of functions largely corresponds to what AVM is already ready to import the introduction of the Fritzos 7.25 called on the Fritzbox 7590. Underneath, however, some points sting. For example, the update appears attractive because now the model 7580 can build up to 160 MHz wide Wi-Fi channel in the 5 GHz band. So far this was reserved for models 7590 and 6590.

Better Wi-Fi behavior

The WLAN security level can be increased by switching on the Protected Management Frames (PMF). AVM ensures that there are no waiting times for WLAN use in the 5 GHz band, if the Fritzbox spans its WLAN on channels 52 to 64 or 100 to 140. While this may use it as a second user, but it has to dodge if it detects signals of weather radars. For the sliding dodge, where the router meets its clients on the newly select WLAN channel, AVM relies the technique "Zero Wait DFS" a.


Alfa romeo is increasing in numbers

Alfa romeo is increasing in numbers

Frankfurt / Main, 23. January 2012 – 2011 was a good year for the Italian emotion manufacturer Alfa Romeo. More than 130.500 vehicles with the Alfa crest were sold in Europe. Compared to 2010, the number of units sold increased by 18.7 percent. Alfa Romeo was able to improve sales figures in almost all European countries. The brand grew by 21.6 percent in Germany, 24.5 percent in France, 30.9 percent in Great Britain and even 37.1 percent in Spain. In the home market of Italy, the Fiat subsidiary increased sales by over 12 percent. Alfa’s total market share in Europe is now one percent, 0.2 percentage points more than before and is still well in the niche. As an Alfa buyer, you hardly have to worry about following a mass trend.

The company attributes the good results to the better positioned range of models, above all to attractive prices and favorable financing offers. So there is currently the Alfa MiTo 1.4 8V with 78 hp included in the tariff "enjoy flat" including vehicle and mobility guarantee as well as maintenance over a period of four years from 95 euros per month. The Giulietta is more powerful than 120 hp 1.4 TB 16V already for 15.900 euros – including air conditioning, start-stop system and LED daytime running lights. Alfa Romeo has decided to extend both offers until the end of March 2012.


Emissions fraud: volkswagen close to settlement in usa

Emissions fraud: volkswagen close to settlement in usa

Volkswagen is expected to reach a settlement in the U.S. on Monday (19.12.2016) to finalize the repeatedly postponed settlement on manipulated crude diesel engines in the U.S. Judge Charles Breyer expects a revised settlement proposal between the Volkswagen Group, U.S. authorities and car buyers. At ie are possible repairs, repurchases or compensation for tens of thousands of cars with three-liter diesels made by Audi. These are not only in Audi models, but also in SUVs such as the Porsche Cayenne and VW Touareg. The group’s goal is to settle the difficult ie by the end of the year.

On Friday, a compromise worth billions had already been expected, but Breyer had not yet been able to agree to any outcome proposed by the parties. Irrespective of this, "substantial progress" had been made in the talks. The Group ared that it would continue to work flat out to reach an agreement. "Volkswagen is working with full commitment to get things in order," it said over the weekend. The company would not comment on the exact status and content of the negotiations, citing the agreed confidentiality. At the beginning of November, there were initial signs of a result in the dispute. But shortly afterwards, reports of possible further exhaust gas manipulation at Audi caused new unrest.

VW is instructed to bring the cars with the engines developed by Audi into a legally compliant state through technical reengineering or to withdraw them from circulation through repurchase. In the case of the two-liter diesel engines, the group had agreed to a settlement in the summer that could cost up to $16.5 billion (15.8 billion euros). The scandal involving eleven million vehicles worldwide with manipulated test values to emit nitrogen oxides was first uncovered in the United States in September 2015.


Expensive renovation

Expensive renovation

Stuttgart, 4. January 2013 – For many faithful Mercedes customers, the E-Class is still most likely that the brand distinguishes. This is a good quality, a certain remedy and a not too fashionable design. Occasional deviations such as strong rust problems at W210 and W211, the brake bakery at the W211 or even the brave four-eyed E-Class of 1995 have not changed the image sustainably. The current model remained what concerns the sale, behind the raised expectations a bit back to what Mercedes has caused an unusually expensive facelift. Overworking after only four years, around one billion euros should have cost. Of course, the coupe and the cabriolet also benefit from changes.

New face

Optical revision is particularly clear at the front. Instead of the four square headlights, there are now two more roundish. The stobbar with coarse breaks now looks a bit sporty. The bullfold on the side was newly shaped, the jerk lights designed differently. Nevertheless, the coupe, and especially the massive convertible, are rather powerful than elegant.

In the interior, the three round instruments are now in pipes. How had the speedometer sits in the middle and houses in its center a screen, viewing information, for example from the on-board computer,. New, on the other hand, is an analogue watch between the newly designed air conditioner of the center console – which has existed so far only in the S-Class.


Lg shows new devices and a hologram

LG shows new devices and a hologram

The press conference of LG started with a rough surprise: CTO DR. I. D. Park was built as a kind of hologram live on the exhibition sailing. LG had a rough black box on the bean. The caused a controlled dark environment to which the life groove 3D image of the CTO was projected. In any case, LG had reached one thing: the absolute attention of the journalists present.

After the excitement and photographing has laid something, park explained how the Korean company reacts to the pandemic: with all sorts of products for life in Corona times. Also, his claim has aligned LG: "Life’s Good From Home".

LG Press Conference IFA 2020

LG shows new devices and a hologram

In this black box, CTO Park was projected on the bean